When there are a lot of people, you need space and light.

This is the secret of the Observatory, the place that dominates the EDIT LOFTS structure from above. A space designed for corporate or team building events available for your group initiatives.

Thanks to its position, you will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view.

A real icing on the cake.

In the Observatory you can organise:

  • workshop
  • press conferences
  • photo and video shoots
  • private parties
  • training courses
  • film projections
  • exhibition inaugurations
  • conferences
  • children’s workshops

The Observatory

  • Osservatorio1
  • Osservatorio2
  • Osservatorio3
  • Osservatorio4
  • Osservatorio5
  • Osservatorio6
  • Osservatorio7
Surface areas: Interior areas 200m2 | Terraces 80m2
• Standing guests inside 150 | inside and outside 200
• Guests seated as an 160
• Seated guests from 100 to 200 depending on the table arrangement
Technical equipment:
• full HD projector
• sound system
• WiFi with business-level connectivity
• LED/spot lighting