Live, Love, Loft

The project of the twelve

Once again, Turin proves to be an inspiring muse in the conversion process that the challenges of the future impose.

Perched in a district in which art has placed some of its most daring sentinels, an area in which weaves and escape routes, large industrial buildings and small craft workshops alternated to create a unique mixture, these twelve flats express the will to win the bet of innovating through sharing.

The birth of EDIT LOFTS is the result of the commitment and vision of Marco Brignone and his wife Franca

Entrepreneurs from Turin who have a deep connection with the city and its culture.
From the very beginning, they have closely followed the realisation of this extraordinary reality, actively participating in the choices and contributing to make it unique with their innate passion for art.

The execution of the work was entrusted to the Barbara Scott studio, which embraced the originality of the project right from the start. Within the dominant industrial architecture, a unique atmosphere was created in which colours and warmth blend harmoniously, paying great attention to detail and ensuring maximum comfort. Design elements have been skilfully integrated into a space that does not give up its conviviality.

A short walk to the reception and the use of an app is enough to open the door and enter the world of EDIT Lofts

Twelve flats that meet every need in terms of space and services, designed for a long or short stay that wants to create stimuli and give emotions.

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